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Direct First Aid Central sells

high quality, first aid products for the lowest price. Period.

We Got You Covered

Welcome to Direct First Aid Central

Direct First Aid Central

There's Cash Trickling From Your Commercial Kitchens. Do You Know How to Stop It? We Do!

Your profits depend on standardizing menus, procedures and costs. So, why are you purchasing a variety of first aid supplies from different companies and paying double what you would with Direct First Aid Central?


Never again let your staff buy First Aid supplies they don't need, at inflated prices!


Direct First Aid Central will standardize purchases across all your locations

- and save you 50% - 70%!

Direct First Aid offers several advantages:
  1. Control at the corporate level. 
    Meet OSHA standards for review and compliance with a standardized lists of products. Customize your order form, set and monitor the products shipped to your locations.

  2. Nationwide Service.
    We currently ship a full line of quality product to over 5000 businesses nationwide. Orders are taken by phone, fax or e-mail.  Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. (Holidays excluded)

  3. Purchasing Convenience.
    Our program allows managers to spend only the amount they want, for precisely what they want, exactly when they want it. No commissioned salesperson stocking your cabinets with unwanted costly products.

  4. Blue Bandages.
    Blue bandages, finger cots, and tape are available for extra food handling safety.
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